Are Pearls Good Luck For Weddings Since Pearls Symbolize Tears?

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We are a superstitious bunch because we love to follow symbolism and hidden meanings. It makes our lives more interesting, and we use these superstitions to create new traditions and customs. Many people are superstitious about jewelry.

Some of them say that pearls are good luck for weddings and other events. On the other hand, some say they are a sign of bad luck. So, what does all this mean? Let’s find out.

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Negative Symbolism Of Pearls

Pearls are one of the oldest gemstones out there. Their negative connotation is an accumulation of centuries-old assumptions behind it. Here are some negative connotations of pearls:

  1. They Are A Symbol Of Tears

Many old myths and superstitions state that pearls are symbols of tears. The ancient Greeks believed that pearls were tears of gods. In the same way, many races believed something different around this one superstition.

  1. Gifting Someone Pearls Means Gifting Them Tears

Because pearls symbolize tears, it is said that when you gift someone pearls, you gift them tears, i.e., sadness. Besides that, receiving pearls as a gift is a sign of bad luck. Believers of this superstition only purchase pearls for themselves.

  1. Pearls And Weddings

Ancient superstition also states that wearing pearls on your wedding day is bad luck because it symbolizes tears and bad luck. Wearing pearls on the wedding day will lead to marriage troubles and relationship deterioration of the couple.

Positive Symbolism Of Pearls

Here is some positive symbolism around pearls:

  1. Pearls And Weddings

    Yes, there is positive symbolism about wearing pearls on the wedding day too. Many people believe that wearing pearls on a wedding day symbolizes the tears that the bride will shed. Because of this, she will be free of tears, and her marriage will be a happy and long one.

    1. Wisdom

    Pearls symbolize wisdom in Chinese culture. That is because the Chinese believe that pearls came from dragons' heads and were a rarity. That is why when you gift someone pearls, it symbolizes wishing someone knowledge and wisdom.

    1. Protection

    Pearls are a symbol of protection in Western culture. That is because the pearls will keep the wearer of any evil or harm. That is the reason many people in the West also buy pearls.

    Final Verdict: Are Pearls Good Luck For Weddings?

    We have many superstitions around many things, even weddings. There is also a popular superstition that marrying on a Saturday is bad luck, but it seems to be one of the most popular days for couples to have weddings. So, it would be absurd to say that a couple is having marriage problems because their wedding was on a Saturday.

    In the same way, it is absurd that pearls will cause any good or bad luck on your wedding day. If you want to wear pearls on your wedding day, don't hesitate because they are one of the most elegant jewelry items. They will go perfectly with just about any dress and style.

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