How Do You Tell If A Pearl Is Natural Or Cultured?

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Fake pearls dominate the pearl industry, and many people buy counterfeit pearls at genuine prices. That is why it is essential to know how to tell pearls apart. However, counterfeit techniques keep changing too.

So, it is crucial to know the features of a natural and cultured pearl to understand whether they are real or fake. Here are some of the top tips you can follow to differentiate real pearls from fake ones.



  1. Teeth Test

Pick up the pearl you are testing and rub the item on any tooth to take the tooth test. Do this gently because aggressive rubbing can lead to tooth or pearl damage. A natural or cultured pearl will have a gritty surface and feel. If the pearl is fake, the surface will be even.

  1. Pearl Feel

Apart from the tooth test, you can also feel the pearl as an accurate measure of its fakeness and realness. A genuine pearl will feel a bit cool when you make contact with it, but it will warm up once you adorn yourself with it. On the other hand, a fake pearl will feel warm and might offer a sticky feeling.

  1. Rub Two Pearls Together

Rubbing two pearls together is an interesting technique that can let you know if a pearl is fake or real. When you rub two real pearls together, it will create a pearl powder. You can notice the same powder when you lightly scrub a pearl against a knife.

On the other hand, if you rub two fake pearls together, the process will be smooth without any powder. Besides that, you will also notice a unique and soft sound when you knock two real pearls. If you knock two fake pearls, the sound will be minor.

  1. Use Fire

Yes, you can also use fire to test the authenticity of a pearl. For example, if you mildly burn a genuine pearl, it will stay shiny, and there will be no odor. When you consistently put the pearl under the flame for two minutes, there will be a pop sound.

On the other hand, a fake pearl will lose its luster under flame and create a foul order. That is how you will know if you have a fake or real pearl in your hands.

  1. Check The Luster

Finally, you can check the luster of the pearl to see if it is fake or real. A real pearl will have a unique luster that will be natural. You can also check this under a magnifying glass. A fake pearl will not be the same, and you will notice inconsistencies.

Final Words

These are the top five ways you can tell if a natural or cultured pearl you are buying is fake or real. Once you put the pearl through these tests, you will know what you are investing in. Of course, it is always best to purchase through a trusted pearl jeweler for the best pearls.

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