3.5-4.0mm Real Natural Light Blue Akoya Cultured Pearls Necklace Jewelry

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The elegance of this natural blue pearls necklace is eye catching !

You may never come across such Blue Akoya pearls ,which is called “blue rose akoya”with outstanding shining silver overtones which looks very expensive. This magical rainfall of cultured natural blue baby akoya pearls are available in strands ,earrings and loose pearls.

Nowadays this completely natural blue color has become more desirable and popular over the classic white akoya pearls,it is so rare that only an extremely small percentage of the harvest gets this rare and beautiful color. Petite pearl size from 4.5-5.0mm,one of our most popular tiny sizes ever offered.

The quality of our akoya saltwater pearls are very nice and even have the surface and luster quality equal to Hanadama Akoya, while akoyas(with same or even higher price) from other sellers including amazon sellers only have a very light “pink” surface instead of rose overtones.  Our Akoya Pearls will be an heirloom to treasure for many generations.


For This Item:

Pearl:  Natural Blue Akoyas 
Luster: AAAAA+
Material: 925 silver
Flaw: With seldom flow,can NOT be detected within social distance.
Pearl Shape: Round 
Length:  40cm for pearl strand,not including the clasp
Starting At: $499


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