Pearl Education: Pearl Luster

When investing in a pearl, the most important thing you should look for its luster. Of course, many people don't know the various luster levels, and they don't know how to tell if the luster is right. Don't worry because we have made learning about pearl luster easy for you.

Here is a complete guide to pearl luster.

What Is Luster?

A pearl's value is determined by its luster. If a pearl does not have a good luster, it will not have much value in the market. Pearl luster consists of three important aspects:

  • How well light beams break through the nacre layers
  • Sharpness of reflection
  • Rate of light reflecting off the surface

You have to keep in mind that every pearl will play with light in its unique way. That is why it should not be compared with other pearls, as they will do it differently. You need to take the aforementioned factors into account when judging the luster of a pearl.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are incredibly durable. However, they are thought to have less luster than the Akoya pearls. That is not because they are low quality but because their composition is such that it slows down the light beam reflected at people.

So, it has a luster that is soft and satin-like. Here are the different qualities of freshwater pearls and their luster:

  • AAA Quality Luster: These pearls will have a bright, shiny, and sharp luster. You will be able to see yourself on the surface of the pearl, and there will be some light hazing on the edges
  • AA+ Quality: These pearls will have a soft, satin, and silky luster. They will have a mirror-like sheen. You will be able to see the outline of your face and some other features, but they will not be evident
  • AAAAA+ Quality,also called Gem Grade Luster: These pearls will have a perfect round shape and a fine quality luster. The luster can be graded as either Very High or Excellent.
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Now that you know all there is to know about the luster of freshwater pearls let's move on to Akoya pearls.





Akoya Pearl Luster

These pearls are known to have the highest-quality luster among all pearls. The luster is shiny, sharp, reflective, and mirror-like. Here is everything you need to know about the quality of luster:

  • AAAAA+ Quality: Your reflection on the pearl surface will be detailed and mirror-like. Pearl will crisp, sharp, and there will be no or little hazing,like hanadama pearls.
  • AAA+ Quality: These pearls will have slight hazing around the edges. Your features will be visible, but they won't be as detailed

Of course, AAA AA+quality means the pearl has the best luster. These Akoya pearls cost more because they are made with the utmost expertise.

Final Words

That was your complete guide to pearl luster. Of course, there is much more to know, but these are the basic things you should know about freshwater and Akoya pearls. You will be able to judge the luster and make an informed decision about which pearl to invest in accordingly.