Natural Freshwater Cultured Dark Green Pearls Stud Earrings With High Luster 11-12mm

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Have you ever seen such green pearls before? These beauties are all cultured in clean freshwater,the body colour can range from purple,green to blue,gold,brown,black and so on.On top of that,they offen display amazing overtones,even more valuable than tahitian pearls.These green pearls are in a very wearable size 10-11mm, they are earrings for any occasion,autumn and winter choices!

Pls note: The colour could not be exactly the same, for natural cultured pearls

For This Item:

Pearl: Freshwater Cultured  Green Pearl
Luster: AAAAA+
Material: 18k White Gold 
Flaw: Very Slight
Pearl Shape: Round 
Starting At: $445


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