What is the biggest value factor to pay attention to the natural pearl


  Pearls can produce an intense, deep shine called luster,which is one of the most important factor to consider when purchasing pearl jewelry collection and has a direct correlation to its value. Basically, the brighter, sharper and more reflective a pearl is, the more valuable it will be, pearls without great luster can end up looking like chalky beads.

tahitian black pearls with white gold

   tahitian black pearls with metallic luster

  Usually,Luster is determined by the nacre's thickness, degree of translucence, and arrangement of layers. Due to the long growing time,Certain pearl types like the Japanese Akoya,and South Sea Tahitian Pearls are more likely to display sharper luster than others. And saltwater pearls with great luster and minimal blemish may have a very high value.

  A pearl’s luster is one of its most prized attributes. Akoya pearls tend to have excellent luster than other pearl varieties, especially freshwater pearls. The Akoya pearl oyster is indigenous to the colder Pacific Ocean waters of Japan, China and Vietnam,which leads to a higher, sharper rate of luster and highly defined reflections.

 Besides,a pearl’s luster has no potential relationship to its size. We usually see a petite Akoya pearl may be bright and lustrous as a full moon,with amazing rose tones,while a 9-9.5mm one would be very dull.

  Contrary to popular belief,the smaller size,the higher luster,for most types of pearls.

High luster akoya pearls

       Their luster of akoyas is sharp and mirror-like.

  Akoya pearls luster is so good ,   dispite the thickest nacre of Akoya pearl is only about 0.4mm,while a white south sea pearl can reach up to 2mm . Akoya is our main item,each remains perfectly round shape, no blemish, excellent luster like a small light ball with amazing rose tones. Each pearl has a hole goes through.Especially for  Hanadama Pearl Collection, which is considered as the most lustrous pearls on the market.

 A high luster pearl should be timeless.As an organic gem, the pearl luster can be dulled by hairspray, lotion and perfume. The top rule for pearls is that they should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off. 

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