When And Where Should You Wear A Pearl Necklace?

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One of the favorite pieces of jewelry for women includes a pearl necklace. Since they came into existence, pearls have been famous for many reasons. They are elegant and can match any dress.

Besides that, you can wear a pearl necklace on any occasion as well. Not to mention that they symbolize value. That is why pearls are the fan-favorite piece of jewelry.

If you're wondering when you should wear a pearl necklace, you've come to the correct place. Here is what you need to know about the etiquette of wearing pearls.


When Can You Wear A Pearl Necklace?

In the past, people used to wear pearl jewelry at mainly formal and high-end events. That is because they complement all outfits and offer an elegant charm. However, now wearing pearl necklaces have become quite prevalent.

There is no fixed time as to when you can wear the necklace. However, people still follow some standards regarding the type. Here are the examples of when you can wear a pearl necklace:

  1. Office Hours

Many people desire to wear their pearl necklace to work. Of course, this is not possible for every profession. That is because the jewelry can make you seem overdressed.

However, if your job requires you to wear formal clothing, then you're lucky. That is because now you can wear your pearl necklace to work every day. For blouses and daytime, typically, you should opt for a single-strand necklace.

  1. Casual Days

You can wear a pearl necklace when running errands, going to a casual meetup, or going to school. The piece of jewelry can complete your outfit easily and take it to the next level. And the right pearl necklace for casual days is one with two strands.

A two-strand pearl necklace is also referred to as an opera necklace. You can match it with mini dresses along with jackets. Additionally, you can opt for a sporty outfit. However, keep in mind not to wear any other necklace with the pearl one.

  1. Formal Events

This is the best time to flaunt your favorite piece of jewelry. To stand out in the crowd, you should carefully think about the necklace. For example, the pearls should match the color of your dress.

Typically, older females should wear necklaces with large pearls. Meanwhile, for young girls, 3 mm-sized pearls are preferable. Besides that, you can complement the necklace with suitable earrings.

Final Words

That was all you needed to know about when you should wear a pearl choker  necklace. There are no limitations regarding the time of day you can opt for this piece of jewelry. You can wear them whenever you like and to wherever you want.

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However, keep in mind that for casual and regular office days, white pearls are preferable. These should be small in size and single-stranded. Meanwhile, for formal events, large pearls are the best option.

Once you keep these standards in mind, your outfit will always make you stand out in the crowd. And of course, you’ll be praised for your fashion sense.


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